If you were told that a story could touch you, not like poke you on your arm, or pat you at your back, or something, more like tug at your heart strings, instigate the process that would bring about an influence, an impart, a change! would you believe? Well, welcome to the world where stories […]


Talk about expressions in the Bible, “…O my soul… why art thou disquieted within me…,” I especially love this line. Partly because of the psalmist’s choice of words, and partly because of the of the entire implication of his choice of words. I especially love the word, “DISQUIETED.” Though it certainly isn’t a word I […]


“There is more to the world than what we see.” Reverend John pressed his aged back into his sit, drilling the distressed lady sited on the other side of his desk with his deep set eyes, hidden behind convex lenses. Squeaky sounds from the fan cut into every silence, every spoken word, more than its […]

THE PATH (Episode 6)

Sandra clung to Michael intimately drinking of his blood. Then she withdrew from him, panting heavily. Hunger lit her eyes. Michael had a fixed smile for her. With her hand, she reached for his face, tracing the contours, and feeling the wonder. Then the unexpected happened. Her eyes bulged. Series of aggressive coughs racked her […]

THE PATH (Episode 5)

Dawn spilled golden light over Haramu forest. Resilient darkness cowered beneath the trees, doing the forest one last favour. The contest that had begun hours ago now dragged in Kifo’s favour. Sandra, Michael’s lover, writhed in dire pain on the forest ground. Her nostrils dragged in air, her tongue cleaved to the roof of her […]

THE PATH (Episode 4)

I apologise for late posting. Data issues­čśĆ That said let’s get some action in here, right? Michael stood awash with grief, and something else, something like a stab of panic at his heart. Now he was to choose who was to live and who was to die among his mother, and his lover. No freaking […]

THE PATH (Episode 3)

Michael began to crawl with the last ounce of his energy towards Kifo’s water. With each motion he made the urge grew stronger. Then he was at the brink of the water, and all he could think of was delving in. His name kept resounding. Beyond the whispers now. Drawing him, contesting for his attention. […]

THE PATH (Episode 2)

Day had been spent, darkness began throwing itself around. First establishing its base at the root of the trees, and then sprawling towards the heavens, until it gained preeminence. Michael, having journeyed through the arduous and mountainous journey, for seven days, was wearied with fatigue. Pain sang choruses within his members. Dizziness washed over him, […]

THE PATH (Episode 1)

Jessica jerked up from sleep, panting heavily, perspiration beading over her. Her heart nagged from within her chest, threatening to malfunction. And it was all for one thing. The one thing she has, for so long, hoped will never be. Michael, her only son, her only child, has wandered off into the Haramu forest. Jessica […]


Photo credit goes to pinterest. There is one thing for my mind. As I sit put the under of the Iroko tree, as I balancing my weight on top for its hefty roots, as I putting my head so that the passing breeze shall touch in my face, and maybe taking my pains away, there […]


“Do you know how to dance?” “No, I never learnt.” “But why?” “My mother says dancing is for happy people, and we are not happy.” “Why is that?” “We are slaves.” Bukky had the paltry look. Her gaze avoided contact. Her lips pouted. Like her mother’s. She had never had a drink so good. Her […]