If you were told that a story could touch you, not like poke you on your arm, or pat you at your back, or something, more like tug at your heart strings, instigate the process that would bring about an influence, an impart, a change! would you believe? Well, welcome to the world where stories […]


​Mother and son are soaked in pain For an indispensable slept away They would rather live in the past Or put an end to the future unfolding   Jennifer would hold on to the dead For there in doth her life reside Her memories would be her closest friends Until she finally joins her dead. […]


​There are hurts, draining and drowning at the same time; there are pains you never woman up to confront. So you are torn up, and broken down. You are crushed, too crushed to be strong, too broken to be sane.     And, then, there are days when you can take no more. But, in […]


Passionately she sings, Curiously he stares. The music must be epic, For it causes his suicide to halt.   “Can this music forever sing, That I may forever stare At the one who gets me to ponder, a reason to live a little while longer?” Her lips does voice his heart to pound; Her melodies […]


​Conditioned by reality, Inspired by hope.  Hope that gets crushed By the arrival of dawn. Day becomes night,  With darkness comes plight, Life breathes death, And Roland amidst; But when it must all end, In the dire hand of death, And nothing to defend, Then comes the music. *   *   * The night […]


God by His Holy Spirit has been teaching me for the past few day, and weeks, about love. I have come to see, by His help, that there are dimensions of God’s love. There are depths yet to be known to man. And each dimension of God’s love is a representation and manifestation of a […]


I heard my first major truth today, and I wished someone would tell me a lie instead. I feel like I have been fooled almost all my life. I have lived all my life, made most of my greatest decisions based on lies. Nothing but lies. Some times I ask myself, how true am I? […]